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Elbiler.nu focuses on potential buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) searching for neutral, adequate information about EVs. HTK is behind Elbiler.nu supported by FDM (Federation of Danish Motorists) in relation to current evaluation and quality assurance of content. 

EVs are still ”unknown territory” to most people, and it can be difficult for potential buyers to gain an overview of current suppliers and manufacturers in Denmark.

This web page is meant to guide you through the jungle of EVs and help you make the right choice, if you are planning to buy an EV, on a neutral basis. There is no guarantee that elbiler.nu will be able to answer all your questions and cover all information needs in terms of EVs. However, this page will try to guide you in the direction suitable for you.

The overall purpose of this web page is to provide users/potential buyers with an overview of current EV suppliers and manufacturers in Denmark.
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Elbiler.nu is the result of an EU Interreg. pool as part of the E-mobility NSR project. This EU-funded project will help to create favourable conditions to promote the common development of e-mobility in the North Sea Region. The project runs from October 2011 to September 2014.

HTK has been assigned to set up transnational electric mobility information centres, EMICs, within the region. Elbiler.nu is the first virtual E-mobility Information Centre. HTK is expected to introduce a physical EMIC in the beginning of March 2013. Other physical EMICs will turn up across the North Sea Region, eventually.

Elbiler.nu holds a number of fact boxes that will help potential buyers/users of EVs gain proper information on issues relating to the act of buying an EV.

  • EV users: Experience/testimonials from current EV users

  • Economy: Calculators for business and private users

  • Types of EVs: Overview of the range of EVs in Denmark, and a list of EV suppliers and manufacturers in DK

  • Charging stations: A map of charging points in Denmark, where you can re-load or change your battery

  • Environmental factors: What are the environmental impacts of EV batteries? and how do we measure CO2 emissions from driving in EVs. CO2 calculator

Are you ready to go electric?

If you are thinking of buying an EV, the most important thing is to determine your needs and expectations in terms of use, range, requirements etc. Follow the link to the right and start by testing yourself online. This test will take you through a number of questions about use, range and requirements regarding an EV, and you will end up with a list of EVs suitable just for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any comments to Elbiler.nu

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Are you ready to go electric?

Test yourself


Calculator for business and private users

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